“Jodi is a Master of this work – the real deal.” T.N............."This work is so beneficial that I transitioned from client to student and progressed with my own deepening as an Akashic Records Consultant. Jodi's experience and many years of practice, have allowed her to bring forth new teaching processes and cutting edge protocols that nobody else has done. Jodi always seeks to empower her students and clients and she truly wishes for everyone to be happy, healthy, and successful. Jodi continues to inspire, support, and counsel me today as I move forward with my own missions and purposes in life. I remain forever grateful to Jodi. She is an amazing, beautiful, loving, gifted, and very wise Akashic Records Consultant, Mentor, Teacher, and new found friend." W. P. - San Diego, CA..........Attending the Level I class with Jodi has expanded my possibilities of healing and awareness with great depth. The clear guidance and tools she teaches to access the Records and craft the right questions is immensely powerful and healing." Tina, Tucson AZ

Our Program is designed for our students to connect to the energy of the Akashic Records in a progressively profound way.

1.  By using the Akashic Connection (AC) Prayer regularly, students can grow their ability to evolve on a conscious level as both a human and soul being.

2.  Asking questions and receiving answers is a very important part of what we do in the Akashic Records. What we do with the information is the unique focus of our program. At Akashic Connection we take the information we are given and open ourselves to the vibrational energy of that information at the DNA level. This allows us to transform and transmute what no longer serves us across all realms of our existence (mental, emotional, physical, cellular, spiritual, etheric, genetic, etc.). We can then take action and apply this new information and vibration to create much more comfort, ease and fluidityin our lives.


​3.  Unlimited refreshers (at our discounted rate) of our 4 core classes, offer a rich experience for profound personal growth. This is a highly effective approach that can optimize the advancement of students through a stronger, deeper connection to Self and the Akashic Records.  Every time you take a refresher class it will be a completely different experience. You will be taken into ever deepening levels within the Akashic Records.

4.  Our monthly study groups provide  great value to our students with ongoing development by offering always-evolving advanced concepts and tools for working in the Akashic Records.  

 Level I
Learn To Read Your Akashic Records

Level II
​Intensive Integration

Introduces advanced navigational tools for reading your Akashic Records

         Prerequisite:  Level I
   (Learn To Read Your Akashic Records) 

Video Conference or Call in to ANY in-person class:  These formats have grown in popularity in recent years.  Students may dial in or Video conference in from the comfort of their own home and receive the same powerful Akashic Records instruction.  Video conferencing in or calling into classes is offered to accommodate a wide range time zones, and they eliminate travel time and expenses.  Many students have found that they benefit from this type of class/connection.  We encourage you to  sign up and experience it for yourself.

One-On-One Video conferencing class or Teleclass - Contact Jodi for details.

What students are saying about the In-Person, Video Conferencing  and  Teleclasses!

In-Person Classes:  ​In-Person classes are held regularly in the Dallas/Fort Worth area, Austin and Houston, Texas.  Please contact Akashic Connection to request an In-Person class in your city.

Classes and Programs

Level III 
​Deeper Into the Akashic Records​
Prerequisite:  Level I - Learn To Read Your Akashic Records
Level II - Intensive Integration​

Level IV  
​Learn to Read the Akashic Records of People,
​Animals, Land, Businesses and MORE!

Individual Consultation - Included is a one-hour private consultation prior to your class!

Level I - Learn to Read Your Akashic Records

Level II -  Intensive Integration

Level III - Deeper Into the Akashic Records

      Individual Consultation