“Jodi is a Master of this work – the real deal.” T.N............."This work is so beneficial that I transitioned from client to student and progressed with my own deepening as an Akashic Records Consultant. Jodi's experience and many years of practice, have allowed her to bring forth new teaching processes and cutting edge protocols that nobody else has done. Jodi always seeks to empower her students and clients and she truly wishes for everyone to be happy, healthy, and successful. Jodi continues to inspire, support, and counsel me today as I move forward with my own missions and purposes in life. I remain forever grateful to Jodi. She is an amazing, beautiful, loving, gifted, and very wise Akashic Records Consultant, Mentor and Teacher." W. P. - San Diego, CA..........Attending the Level I class with Jodi has expanded my possibilities of healing and awareness with great depth. The clear guidance and tools she teaches to access the Records and craft the right questions is immensely powerful and healing." Tina, Tucson AZ

 "I  started   singing almost before  I  could talk.  I was playing the piano by age 5 and singing at weddings with my dad, Joe Lovoi, by  the time I was 10 years old.  At age 14, I taught  myself how to play the guitar and by age 21 I was performing solo gigs in local restaurants around Texas.


     Not knowing how to further my music career, at age 24, I  dropped out of the music scene completely and began working in the corporate world. Years passed and even though I enjoyed my work, there was something missing---MUSIC!!! During this same time frame, I was introduced to the Akashic Records.  I had NO Idea what these Records were, but when a friend spoke to me about a class she had just taken to learn to access the Akashic Records, my heart began to lift.   My friend said to me.... "Well, you know you could take the Akashic Records class to enhance your creativity."  It was like in that moment I knew I had to take this class!  (Later, I realized that it was the Record Keepers working through my friend to get me to the Akashic Records.)

     So, I took the initial class and started writing music from the Akashic Records.  What I did not  expect was the profound changes that were occurring in my life.   Not only was I writing music, I was healing my heart around why I had stopped writing and performing my original music. It was amazing!

     My friend and neighbor at the time,  Rick McRae (George Strait's lead guitarist for over 35 years, now), loved the music I was writing from the Akashic Records and offered to produce and play several instruments on my album "Rhythms of Life."  I was thrilled!  I had no idea how to put together an album,  let alone produce one.
Rick also was kind enough to get some of his band members together to play on the album. Ron Huckaby (Keyboards), Terry Hale (Acoustic Bass), and Gene Elders (Violin).  Besides his fellow band members, he also recruited two other well-known musicians, Rick Connell (Drums) and Lynn Daniels (Bass).
​     What I learned from this experience  is that we as human beings can orchestrate ANYTHING in our lives if we are willing to trust ourselves and our connection to God/Creator/Source!"                                                                                                                                                                                    Jodi Lovoi

Music from the Akashic Records

Rhythms of Life  $10
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  • Letting Go1:00
  • Everything Good In Life1:05
  • With Your Love1:17
  • Forever and Today1:03
  • Rhythms of Life1:47
  • Long Way Home1:11
  • Tell Me Why1:08
  • Will I Believe1:07
  • Gifts From Love1:08

This Album is an infusion of Rock, Folk, Country Rock and Pop.  - All the music Jodi loved growing up!

"A powerful, dynamic voice combined with deeply touching lyrics…"

​"This record will truly touch your heart!"