30 minute consultations are also available for $85​​
(Not recommended for 1st consultation)

Contact Jodi to schedule your consultation.

jodi@jodilovoi.com    or  817-550-8550 

*Akashic Connection trains consultants to read the Akashic Records in a unique way.  Consultants ​are trained  to use the information from a client's Records in conjunction with the Akashic Connection DNA Protocol.  This process supports  the client and gives them the opportunity to release and complete patterns that are challenging them right now, whether they originate from this life, past lives, or their genetic or ancestral lineages.

Private Consultations

Jodi Lovoi teaches in-person classes, Skype classes and interactive teleclasses throughout the year.  Join us at the next one!  

It is not uncommon for a client to receive the immediate flow of Light energy upon opening the Records, as the Record Keepers are there to help us shift our vibration to a higher level of love. The degree to which a client experiences transformation around a topic or challenge is contingent upon their degree of openness: mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, etc. The consultant assists the client to optimize his or her goals for the consultation.


Most consultations are an hour in length. 

You Can Learn How to Read Your Own Akashic Records!

1. What is the origin of the block (challenge) preventing me from having a love relationship/money/health/friends, etc.
2. Are there any past lives I can heal that will improve my relationship with my spouse/father/mother/sister/ brother/boss?​
​3. Are there any past lives with my spouse/partner/father/mother/sister/brother/boss that are causing ________(name the challenge)?
4. Is there a thought pattern blocking me from having a love relationship/money/health/friends, etc.?
5. How can I best support my (son, mother, spouse) with their __________ (anger/money problems/self-esteem)? 
​6. What action(s) can I take with my (husband’s, daughter’s, sister’s) _____________ (drug addiction, depression, infidelity) that would be helpful to shift/heal the situation for myself? For myself and them?

Example Questions:

- Allow 1 hour for your consultation. 
​- Be prepared for note taking. There may be information you want to remember.
-Consultations are recorded.
If you do not want a recording of your consultation​, please mention this in the scheduling process.

Preparing for your Consultation…

Prepare notes/questions in advance on areas of your life where you would like greater clarity or guidance. Your questions are the catalyst to what we are able to accomplish while in your Records. Often times during the consultation we are guided by the Record Keepers to help you make a shift or healing at the DNA level. Using the Akashic Connection DNA Protocol, we take the information coming from your Akashic Records a step further, by allowing the Record Keepers to vibrationally activate and de-activate "trapped or stuck” energy and bring in healing.

What is the difference between a Psychic Reading and

an Akashic Records Consultation?

What is an Akashic Records Consultation?

  ​​"I have been asked this question many times.  It is my understanding the psychic reads many different energy fields of a person during the reading.  I use the Akashic Connection Prayer that vibrationally "opens" up the information from  the Akashic Records.  The Prayer works like a key....When put in the key hole and turned, the door opens."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jodi Lovoi

The Akashic Records of an individual or a group are opened and the consultant acts as a go-between with the Record Keepers. The client has prepared questions or areas to address in advance. At the time of the consultation, the consultant prepares by calling in the Light and asking permission to open the person’s Records. A Prayer is then read to open the Records of the client.

“Jodi is a Master of this work – the real deal.” T.N............."This work is so beneficial that I transitioned from client to student and progressed with my own deepening as an Akashic Records Consultant. Jodi's experience and many years of practice, have allowed her to bring forth new teaching processes and cutting edge protocols that nobody else has done. Jodi always seeks to empower her students and clients and she truly wishes for everyone to be happy, healthy, and successful. Jodi continues to inspire, support, and counsel me today as I move forward with my own missions and purposes in life. I remain forever grateful to Jodi. She is an amazing, beautiful, loving, gifted, and very wise Akashic Records Consultant, Mentor, Teacher, and new found friend." W. P. - San Diego, CA..........Attending the Level I class with Jodi has expanded my possibilities of healing and awareness with great depth. The clear guidance and tools she teaches to access the Records and craft the right questions is immensely powerful and healing." Tina, Tucson AZ

Private Consultations $150 per hour